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June NACS Magazine Story


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Linda Scott Memorial


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Bringing the Community Inside Your Store


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BOISE STAGE STOP- NACS Magazine February 2015







BOISE, IDAHO – The Regina Store opened right here on the Oregon Trail in 1891. Today, the Oregon Trail is now I-84. The Regina Store is now the Boise Stage Stop. If  you great food, friendly people in an Old West setting, then this is the place to stop. When I say “Old West setting”  I don’t mean decorations. They’ve recreated an authentic western town complete with a saloon, a [READ MORE]

Marketing executive Samantha McDonald says potato jewelry is popular with customers. 
It's not edible, it is however, stylish.

Wear it? Eat it? Potato Jewelry – Boise Stage Stop

I-84 Near Boise, Idaho – I find really neat things on America’s highways. In one gas station, I found a mummy. In another, a dog wash big enough for me to enjoy a luxurious bath.

Marketing executive Samantha McDonald says potato jewelry is popular with customers.It’s not edible, it is however, stylish.

I love it when people do creative things with food. So, potato jewelry got my attention. My [READ MORE]

Kissing Pigs


WEST, TEXAS  - I’ve seen some fascinating things on the road. Kissing pigs really got my attention. You can read about Slovacek’s in the December issue of NACS Magazine. Slovacek’s has been making great sausage since 1957.  I can say great because they will sell 6 millions pounds by year’s end.


This is one of the few stores where you can find Czechoslovakian beer and wine. You just have to visit this store to believe [READ MORE]

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JAKE’S MARKET & DELI – NACS Magazine-November Issue

LEBANON, NH – Jake’s Market & Deli –  You can read about this store in the November issue of NACS Magazine. Before I even thought of gas station food, before gas stations thought about fresh food, Jake’s Market & Deli were all about food. It was unique for a convenience store two decades ago.  Owner, Ed Kerrigan made sure that the best place to get a sandwich in Lebanon was his store. Today, he has seven more stores, two coffee shops [READ MORE]

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The Washington Post & Me

It was a normal day here at the international headquarters of the Gas Station Gourmet. We’re kind of a think tank, test kitchen and food news team.  Mike just reiterated that he would probably not eat beef tongue. It is a popular staple at wedding receptions and funerals here in Cajun country. Mike Falgout is from New Orleans. He’s not Cajun.  He is however a talented shooter and editor,  but very finicky about what he eats.  Just as I was about to explain ponce to [READ MORE]

Papu's Chicken Shwarma Sandiwich

Papu’s Cafe – NACS Magazine August Story

KANSAS CITY, MO – Papu’s Cafe & Shell Convenience Store - You can read about this great store in the  August Issue of NACS Magazine. He’s been pleased and surprised by the success of his food. This is the first store I’ve written about that serves Mediterranean cuisine. Shuja put a unique spin on his food by adding some Indian spices. I’m a big fan of chicken shwarma.


Papu’s Chicken Shwarma [READ MORE]

Smokey G’s BBQ – Van Alstyne, Texas

SMOKEY G’s BBQ – Van Alstyne, TX 

If  you’re heading down U.S. Hwy 75 take the Hwy 121 exit at Van Alstyn. You’ll see a Shell Station, now, look on the opposite side of the parking lot for Galen Gibson’s Smokey G’s BBQ.  It’s neat looking little food trailer and that caught my eye. That’s not what got my attention.


This heavy, steel smoker got my attention. For me, when it comes to smoked meat or [READ MORE]

Cajun Meal Planning At A Gas Station


Sammy’s Country Store in Maurice, Louisiana has an easy fix for your dinner dilemma – grillades. This Cajun tradition has been around for over a hundred years. Before electricity came to South Louisiana, Cajuns had a clever way of keeping meat fresh. This technique gave the pork a bold flavor. You can still find grillades around if [READ MORE]

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Aherns Service Center & Convenience Store-NACS July Issue


Moore Haven, Florida-            

THE  STEVE SANDWICH - When Steve told Ahern’s Service Center & Convenience Store co-owner Jason Griner that the breakfast sandwich was kind of small, Jason came up with a solution.  He starts with a 5-inch bun, scrambles 5 eggs with 3 slices of American cheese and offers a choice of 4 slices of bacon or 2 sausage patties. Is this popular item big enough?
Yea, both Steve and I think so.
Check out the July edition of NACS Magazine for the whole story

HORROR-able Customer Service

Most C-stores  & truck stops I visit have really good service.

I was in a store and watched this happened. I simply observed as an employee at the counter read the sports page.

Inattentive employees can be an issue for some stores. 


VIDEO – C-Store Cajun Barbecue-Eunice, LA


Horror-able Customer Service

Most C-stores I visit have really good service.

This actually happened to me in a retail store. It’s something for all managers to consider when training staff. Pay attention so customers don’t feel invisible.

So, I thought it would make a good topic for my first short film.

Thanks to our friends at Richard’s Meat Market for supplying the location.

Those folks know [READ MORE]

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One man- 148,126 Stores

Watch a video about one man and 148,126 stores.