Pork Sundae

Pulled Pork Sundae – Real Convenient Food

Schaeffer’s Corner Market, Ruff’s Dale, PA – Have you ever been in the car & thought, “I’d love pulled pork. It’s going to be a mess to eat in the car”? Krist Ranker & the folks at Schaeffer’s Corner Market in Ruff’s Dale, PA didn’t take their thinking caps off for the Thanksgiving Holiday. They […]

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NACS Magazine – November Issue -Schaeffer’s Corner Market

Ruff’s Dale, PA – Schaeffer’s Corner Market – I profile this store in the current issue of NACS Magazine. The donut-croissant hybrid caught my attention. It’s called a cronut. Kris Ranker creates unique menu items with the cronut. Check out the story in NACS Magazine. http://www.nacsonline.com/Magazine  

Horizon Montage Oct

NACS Magazine – October Issue

 Bismarck, North Dakota – Horizon Market has a lot to like. When you need bread or milk, it doesn’t get more convenient than a drive-thru window. Horizon’s Cup O’Snack makes snacking as easy as drinking a beverage. Casey Clement & his team have a real commitment to the community. They use the Horizon food truck to […]


New Spin on Boneless Chicken

Mouton Cove, Louisiana –   One of the things I love about doing the Gas Station Gourmet has to be running across the creative marketing of famliar items.  Here’s a great idea from deep in the marshes of South Louisiana.  Not long before you drive straight into the Gulf of Mexico you’ll drive by a small […]

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NACS MAGAZINE- August – Fruitville Texaco & Stottlemyer’s Smokehouse

Sarasota, FL – The fried chicken at Fruitville Texaco has gotten a lot of attention from the Florida media.  It’s crazy good and there is a secret. Owner, Steve Stottlemyer knew customers could not get enough of his food. So, he decided to expand his food program with the best barbecue around and serve it […]

Lawhon's group Tweaked 2

NACS MAGAZINE – June – Lawhon’s Grocery

North Fort Myers, FL – Lawhon’s Grocery & Meat Market is my kind of place.  It’s big on food, big on service, big on creativity, but it’s small, rural and family owned. My old buddy, Keith Perrin suggested I check this place out for a story. He was spot on. Richard Lawhon owned a grocery […]


Bringing the Community Inside Your Store

CENTRAL EXPRESS CASHTON (Cashton, WI)  – This is great for the kids. It’s great for the store. If you’ve heard me speak or read my stories, one of the most important things independently owned  c-stores can do is to be part of their community. A good start is to bring the community into your store. I […]