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Convenience Store Sales-Record High 2013

(This is a great story. Could the growth in the foodservice section have something to do with the Gas Station Gourmet? 
We don’t know, but we will ponder after lunch.)


CHICAGO – U.S. convenience stores reached record in-store sales in 2013, with sales climbing 2.4% to $204 billion. Combined with motor fuels sales of $491.5 billion, overall convenience store sales were $695.5 [READ MORE]

HORROR-able Customer Service

Most C-stores  & truck stops I visit have really good service.

I was in a store and watched this happened. I simply observed as an employee at the counter read the sports page.

Inattentive employees can be an issue for some stores. 


VIDEO – C-Store Cajun Barbecue-Eunice, LA


Horror-able Customer Service


Most C-stores I visit have really good service.

This actually happened to me in a retail store. It’s something for all managers to consider when training staff. Pay attention so customers don’t feel invisible.

So, I thought it would make a good topic for my first short film.

Thanks to our friends at Richard’s Meat Market for supplying the location.

Those folks know [READ MORE]

Tailgating at the Oasis Travel Center

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NACS Magazine – January Issue

 My profile of Mudbugs in Eunice, Louisiana is in the January issue of NACS Magazine. 

Thanks to Tom Voinche for tipping me off and lunch.

Acadiana’s news anchor legend, Tom Voinche and Tanya Bollich of Mudbugs.
Unicorn sightings are a rare event. Even more rare is Voinche paying for lunch. That day, I knew I’d seen everything

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One man- 148,126 Stores

Watch a video about one man and 148,126 stores.

Andouille Stuffed Pork Loin


It’s pork season!


In South Louisiana, it is perhaps always pork season.  I had a  three pound boneless
pork loin that had to be dealt with soon. I wanted to do something different. I happened to have some of Neil Richards andouille sausage and thought there is no better combination than pork loin and smoked, andouille pork sausage.


I like to buy my meat in a local meat market, Richard’s in Abbeville, LA.  I’ve [READ MORE]

OFF-ROAD making Easy Fast Cake for Office or Home


 3-2-1 Cake


When we’re not on the road finding great gas station food, I like to find fun recipes for home.

There are a number of recipes for this online. My kids like this one best.

This is a great snack for after school or at the office.





One box Angel Food Cake mix
One box any flavor you like

Sarah's Eggplant Dressing

Truck Stop Eggplant Dressing

Sarah’s Grandmother’s Recipe

This just might become your new holiday meal tradition
 The holiday eating frenzy is approaching. Dressing is a staple and I love dressing. It’s my favorite festive side dish. In the past, I’ve made dressing that was almost untouched. So, I’ve been searching for a great dressing recipe.  I happened upon one while shooting [READ MORE]

Cormie's cook 3

“I’m on T.V. – I’m here to help.”


There’s nothing like the look of delight on a great cook’s face when I come into the kitchen.  I offer advice on how to make their popular, signature dishes even better. It feels good when I can help with simple things like “add a little more garlic” or  ”stir counterclockwise for poultry gravy.”  The latter of course depends on which hemisphere one is cooking.
Fun happens when I get behind the stove and mix it up with these talented people. A guy [READ MORE]