Truck Stop Eggplant Dressing

Sarah’s Grandmother’s Recipe

This just might become your new holiday meal tradition

 The holiday eating frenzy is approaching. Dressing is a staple and I love dressing. It’s my favorite festive side dish. In the past, I’ve made dressing that was almost untouched. So, I’ve been searching for a great dressing recipe.  I happened upon one while shooting the Gas Station Gourmet.

I met Sarah Morgan when she was the chef in a south Louisiana truck stop. Her eggplant dressing is delicious. My wife went crazy for it.  Recipes are sometimes closely guarded.  “Everyone should eat well,” is Sarah’s philosophy and she shared hers with me.

Here it is for you.


1 stick of butter

1 pound ground pork

1 pound ground beef

1 packet of Brown Gravy Mix

Bunches of onions & peppers

Two eggplants (one for each pound of meat)


Sweat eggplants, onions, etc in butter. (Sweating creates moisture unlike sauteing)

Add meat and cook

Season to taste. You can go mild or wild with Cajun Spice.

Sarah says, “You know it’s ready when the eggplant is soft throughout.”

Serve it like this or mix it with rice for rice dressing. 

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