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Glen, NH –  Are you looking for a store with a sense of fun?   Check out the current issue of NACS Magazine. The Gas Station Gourmet takes you to  the Glen Ledge Corner Store in Glen, NH.  Dawn DiGeronimo, owner, makes sure the food is great and customers along with the staff have a little fun.

Dawn DiGeronimo 2

Dawn DiGeronimo, owner GLCS








Irma’s Michigan Hotdog

Chef Jill Davis took her Grandma Irma’s Michigan Hot Dog and made it a customer favorite. Most grandmothers do great pies and casseroles. Irma was definitely thinking outside the culinary box reserved for grandmothers.  This is a quarter pound hot dog with onions and a red meat sauce-not chili, meat sauce. Jill sears the hot dog on a grill to crisp it up. It’s served with onions on a giant hot dog bun. I’m alive today because I do not know what is in the secret red meat sauce, which again, is not chili.

Jill & Michigan hot dog cropped
Chef Jill Davis & her Michigan Hot Dog, just like grandma used to make.

In the grandma’s kitchen department I have to mention the GLCS deviled eggs. As I travel the country, I often find hard boiled eggs. People like them.  Someone always brings deviled eggs to family gatherings, but I’ve not seen them in gas stations. I like the way Dawn and Jill think.

“On a whim Jill came up with a deviled egg that is to die for and people keep asking for them,” Dawn said, adding that “people drive from Conway, 25 minutes from here, to buy them.”

Customer of the Day

I suppose I will not be awarded a Pulitzer Prize for writing about gas station food. My insanely good marinated pork loin will not get me a Nobel Prize.  One day, if I play my cards right, I might be the Customer of the Day at Glen Ledge Corner Store.  This honor carries with it a prize, free coffee and a muffin. Neither the Pulitzer nor Nobel organizations offer anything like this.

The criteria is simple. It goes to a loyal customer. The next part is where I would have trouble. “We have to like you,” Dawn said.  To be liked I would have to launch a charm offensive.  I’m working on it. I’m smiling as I type this.

The interior of the store is charming and inviting. If you’re heading to the White Mountains, you have to stop in, have a little fun and try Grandma Irma’s hot dog.

This is the sense of fun for which I'm referring.  Note the happy employee in  her natural habitat.
Note the happy employee in her natural habitat, GLCS. 
interior 2

Charming Interior










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