Plan Your Gas Station Vacation Route – We are updating the map for your summer drive.

You’re craving smoked eggs or tongue or both. You’re on vacation. Perhaps you need to whip into a gas station for lobster bisque or a $400 bottle of Cristal Champagne. Relax, you’ve stopped at the right website.

I’m here to help you plan your vacation route. Right now, our team of cartographers is updating the Gas Station Gourmet map. You will be able to plan your trip around great gas station food reported on by the Gas Station Gourmet.

Is this a vacation dream come true?  Yes, it is.

Follow the link below and click on the burger & beverage icon and you will know where to find a four-pound hamburger, smoked eggs, fresh jalapeño ponce or even crawfish. We are still updating it. You’ll find a brief description and directions with Google Maps.

Be patient. We are on this task like gravy on a rabbit. Rabbit & gravy is on the menu at College Junction Mudbugs in Eunice, LA.



Map 4-17

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