“I’m on T.V. – I’m here to help.”

Cormie's cook 3

  There's nothing like the look of delight on a great cook's face when I come into the kitchen.  I offer advice on how to make their popular, signature dishes even better. It feels good when I can help with simple things like "add a little more garlic" or  "stir counterclockwise for poultry gravy."  The latter of course depends on which hemisphere one is cooking. Fun … [Read more...]

About the Gas Station Gourmet™

Filling Gas Tank Color

Part travel, mostly food, the Gas Station Gourmet © explores America’s undiscovered culinary treasure, gas station food.  High gasoline prices have not slowed down travel. You need fuel and food when on a trip, but most people don’t realize that both can be found in the same place.   Gas station food is more than beef jerky and honey buns. Al Hebert takes viewers to unique … [Read more...]