NACS Magazine – November Issue -Schaeffer’s Corner Market

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Ruff's Dale, PA - Schaeffer's Corner Market - I profile this store in the current issue of NACS Magazine. The donut-croissant hybrid caught my attention. It's called a cronut. Kris Ranker creates unique menu items with the cronut. Check out the story in NACS Magazine.       … [Read more...]

NACS Magazine – October Issue

Horizon Montage Oct

 Bismarck, North Dakota - Horizon Market has a lot to like. When you need bread or milk, it doesn't get more convenient than a drive-thru window. Horizon's Cup O'Snack makes snacking as easy as drinking a beverage. Casey Clement & his team have a real commitment to the community. They use the Horizon food truck to help local students to raise … [Read more...]

New Spin on Boneless Chicken


Mouton Cove, Louisiana -   One of the things I love about doing the Gas Station Gourmet has to be running across the creative marketing of famliar items.  Here's a great idea from deep in the marshes of South Louisiana.  Not long before you drive straight into the Gulf of Mexico you'll drive by a small gas station in Mouton Cove called Bon Ami, French for good friend . Like … [Read more...]

NACS MAGAZINE- August – Fruitville Texaco & Stottlemyer’s Smokehouse

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Sarasota, FL - The fried chicken at Fruitville Texaco has gotten a lot of attention from the Florida media.  It's crazy good and there is a secret. Owner, Steve Stottlemyer knew customers could not get enough of his food. So, he decided to expand his food program with the best barbecue around and serve it in a unique atmosphere, a traditional Seminole Chickee Hut.  I know it … [Read more...]

NACS MAGAZINE – June – Lawhon’s Grocery

Lawhon's group Tweaked 2

North Fort Myers, FL - Lawhon's Grocery & Meat Market is my kind of place.  It's big on food, big on service, big on creativity, but it's small, rural and family owned. My old buddy, Keith Perrin suggested I check this place out for a story. He was spot on. Richard Lawhon owned a grocery store in the Fort Myers, FL area since 1958. He wanted another location and decided on … [Read more...]

Jake’s Market & Deli: NACS Magazine, November 2014


Lebanon, NH You can read about this store in the November issue of NACS Magazine. Before I even thought of gas station food, before gas stations thought about fresh food, Jake's Market & Deli were all about food. It was unique for a convenience store two decades ago.  Owner, Ed Kerrigan made sure that the best place to get a sandwich in Lebanon was his store. Today, he has … [Read more...]

Slovacek’s, Home of the Kissing Pigs: NACS Magazine, Dec 2014


West, Texas I've seen some fascinating things on the road. Kissing pigs really got my attention. You can read about Slovacek's in the December issue of NACS Magazine. Slovacek's has been making great sausage since 1957.  I can say great because they will sell 6 millions pounds by year's end. This is one of the few stores where you can find Czechoslovakian beer and wine. You … [Read more...]