New Spin on Boneless Chicken


Mouton Cove, Louisiana -   One of the things I love about doing the Gas Station Gourmet has to be running across the creative marketing of famliar items.  Here's a great idea from deep in the marshes of South Louisiana.  Not long before you drive straight into the Gulf of Mexico you'll drive by a small gas station in Mouton Cove called Bon Ami, French for good friend . Like … [Read more...]

The Perfect Travel Pillow


Everyone wants their own pillow when they travel…hotel pillows just don’t cut it but taking your own pillows takes up a lot of space. Here’s a space-saving solution that will give you a good night’s rest. Using a queen-sized pillow case, sew an extra seam in the pillow case to reduce its width by about four inches. Take your altered pillow cases on your next trip and put the … [Read more...]

The Washington Post & Me

Screen shot 2014-08-08 at 6.59.33 PM

It was a normal day here at the international headquarters of the Gas Station Gourmet. We're kind of a think tank, test kitchen and food news team.  Mike just reiterated that he would probably not eat beef tongue. It is a popular staple at wedding receptions and funerals here in Cajun country. Mike Falgout is from New Orleans. He's not Cajun.  He is however a talented shooter … [Read more...]