Linda Scott Memorial


Oasis Travel Plaza (Robertsdale, AL) -  I am saddened by the passing of Linda Scott, general manager of the Oasis Travel Plaza in Robertsdale, AL. I had a chance to interview Linda. When I visited her and her team in Alabama they extended such warm hospitality. Customers love this unique travel plaza. She was a real success story, starting as a night-shift waitress she moved up … [Read more...]

HORROR-able Customer Service

HORROR-able Customer Service

Most C-stores  & truck stops I visit have really good service. I was in a store and watched this happened. I simply observed as an employee at the counter read the sports page. Inattentive employees can be an issue for some stores.  It's something for managers to consider when training staff. Pay attention so customers don't feel invisible. When I was scheduled to do a … [Read more...]

Cheeseburger & Oil Change Please – Not your Grandfather’s Toyota Dealership


TUSCON, AZ-  Americans love cars, but hate the inconvenience of repairs and maintenance. Every auto needs scheduled maintenance. Every car owner groans about the logistics involved in getting that done. Desert Toyota in Tuscon has a way to make visits to the service department more of an experience than an inconvenience. This Arizona dealership was at the top of my list unique … [Read more...]

Bank Getaway

Screen shot 2013-07-03 at 6.22.16 AM

    Are you looking for a quiet place to sneak off too, with an emphasis on “quiet?” L'Banco Albergo in Lake Arthur, LA is a great destination to consider. Lisa, the manager shared some history and gave me a great tour yesterday. Mike & Shawna Palermo purchased the old Jeff Davis Bank building and turned it into a quaint bed & breakfast. The old vault … [Read more...]

Becca’s Rum Sauce

Becca's Bread Pudding

  Shreveport, LA - Becca's Steak & Seafood I've dedicated my life to finding the best bread pudding in the U.S. I know, I should have a loftier goal like doing something about poverty or building a time machine out of the old dishwasher on my front porch. This bread pudding this is simple and fun. If I did not fear flying, ships, oceans and other things that inhibit … [Read more...]

Seeking Great Food-Unusual Places

Scott & CRol

Did you know the best cinnamon rolls in Texas can be found in a county jail? You can get Cajun fried shrimp along with crawfish stew to die for in a furniture store in New Iberia, LA. A small hospital in Kaplan, LA has one of the best hamburgers in Acadiana can be found in a 50's style retro grill complete with chrome stools  and red upholstery.  A gas station outside Fort … [Read more...]

The Tartar Sauce Conundrum

It's Lent. This is the time here in South Louisiana one's thoughts turn to tartar sauce on Friday. Seafood specials abound. Fish is begin fried. Shrimp is being turned into cocktails. Crawfish are boiling. I like tartar sauce  on most seafood. Tartar sauce is the fruitcake of the Lenten Season. Half the members of my family do not use tartar sauce. So rather than purchase a … [Read more...]