Bourbon St. Deli & Shop Rite

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LOUISIANA - The Bayou State is known for great fishing, hunting and of course Mardi Gras, but year-round, folks are all about the food. Bourbon St. Delis are located in 17 of the 38 Shop Rite locations. This is a must-stop for great Cajun food.  Of course, it's in a gas station. That's why I'm here. Cajun Fare & New Orleans Flare I had a chance to learn about … [Read more...]

2015 NACS Magazine Stories – Thanks to Everyone

NACS 2015 Montage

I'm humbly grateful to the creative people in these stores for taking the time to let me peak inside. They take risks, work hard and have stories that continue to fascinate me. They're cooking some of the best food in America. Next time you fuel up, take a walk from the pump to the store. I've found lobster bisque, Cornish game hen, crawfish and even ponce. Thanks to the … [Read more...]

Pulled Pork Sundae – Real Convenient Food

Pork Sundae

Schaeffer's Corner Market, Ruff's Dale, PA - Have you ever been in the car & thought, "I'd love pulled pork. It's going to be a mess to eat in the car"? Krist Ranker & the folks at Schaeffer's Corner Market in Ruff's Dale, PA didn't take their thinking caps off for the Thanksgiving Holiday. They came up with this pork sundae. It's pulled pork & mashed potatoes … [Read more...]

Bringing the Community Inside Your Store


CENTRAL EXPRESS CASHTON (Cashton, WI)  - This is great for the kids. It's great for the store. If you've heard me speak or read my stories, one of the most important things independently owned  c-stores can do is to be part of their community. A good start is to bring the community into your store.     I love this. The kids are happy. Each time they pass the Central … [Read more...]


Kissing Pigs

WEST, TEXAS  - I've seen some fascinating things on the road. Kissing pigs really got my attention. You can read about Slovacek's in the December issue of NACS Magazine. Slovacek's has been making great sausage since 1957.  I can say great because they will sell 6 millions pounds by year's end. BEER CAVE This is one of the few stores where you can find Czechoslovakian beer … [Read more...]

Truck Stop Eggplant Dressing

Sarah's Eggplant Dressing

Sarah's Grandmother's Recipe This just might become your new holiday meal tradition  The holiday eating frenzy is approaching. Dressing is a staple and I love dressing. It’s my favorite festive side dish. In the past, I’ve made dressing that was almost untouched. So, I’ve been searching for a great dressing recipe.  I happened upon one while shooting the Gas Station … [Read more...]

Hurricanes, C-Stores & Our Cone of Uncertainty

cone of uncertainty

Here in South Louisiana, we're thinking about Tropical Storm Isaac right now. People on the Gulf Coast are once again preparing for it to become a hurricane.  When a storm is about two days out people pay attention to the cone of uncertainty. Cone of uncertainty sounds like a reference to my career or a mystery ice cream treat, but it's actually a computer model that … [Read more...]

2000 Pounds of Sausage A Day

A Ton of Sausage A Day

Centerville, MS-   In the heart of Mississippi Deer Country is Vine Bros, a store that's been in the Vine family for  over 100 years. In 2010, Benny Vine left Green Bay, WI and his career in environmental engineering to come back and keep the tradition going. Centerville has a population of 1800, but that more than doubles during deer season. Hunters come here for outstanding … [Read more...]