2015 NACS Magazine Stories – Thanks to Everyone

NACS 2015 Montage

I'm humbly grateful to the creative people in these stores for taking the time to let me peak inside. They take risks, work hard and have stories that continue to fascinate me. They're cooking some of the best food in America. Next time you fuel up, take a walk from the pump to the store. I've found lobster bisque, Cornish game hen, crawfish and even ponce. Thanks to the … [Read more...]

Old Fashion Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding Pic

  I grew up in a small town in Southwest Louisiana next door to my Aunt Clara and Uncle Joe. They were much older than my parents, so they were more like grandparents.   This was a wonderful situation, almost like the setting of an O. Henry story. It seems that each day there was some kind of dessert in the kitchen. My favorite was rice pudding. Rice is king in this … [Read more...]