OFF-ROAD making Easy Fast Cake for Office or Home


 3-2-1 Cake


When we’re not on the road finding great gas station food, I like to find fun recipes for home.

There are a number of recipes for this online. My kids like this one best.

This is a great snack for after school or at the office.





One box Angel Food Cake mix

One box any flavor you like

 mix mixes in Zip Lock Bag.

Get your favorite coffee mug or Pyrex

measuring cup- then…

3 tablespoons of mix.

2 tablespoons of water

1 minute in the microwave

This will be about cupcake size.





Sometimes, it’s all about size when it comes to cake. A lot of times you

you simply need more. So…

You need a large coffee mug or

two cup measuring cup for this.

6- tablespoons of mix

4- tablespoons of water

90 seconds in microwave.






  1. Lloyd says

    The 1-2-3 cake recipe calls for “One box any flavor you like.” One box of what?
    Thanks for covering so many Louisiana convenience stores. I’m from Louisiana, and this takes me back.

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